Tommex Chooses Audica for Afrykarium Restaurant


Located in Wroclaw , Poland, Afrykarium is unique complex presenting the different ecosystems of aquatic environments of the African continent. The massive complex combines a three storey 9000 square metre building with 7500 square metres of external grounds, with nineteen aquariums and pools having a capacity of nearly 15 million litres of water.


Numerous African regions are featured, combining the environment and wildlife of that area. The regions include the beaches and coral reefs of the Red Sea, the river Nile, the land of the Great Rift Valley, the Mozambique Channel, the beaches of the Namibia's Skeleton Coast and the jungle of the Congo Basin.


Afrykarium is now home to a vast array of native African wildlife, living within their natural flora and fauna. The wildlife includes fifteen thousand tropical fish, sharks, rays and other large pelagic fish, exotic birds, penguins, crocodiles, manatees, hippopotami, antelope and a wide variety of other large and small animals. As well as serving as an attraction with great educational value, Afrykarium has recreated threatened ecosystems and supports many endangered species.


The sound systems throughout the Afrykarium complex were provided by Tommex Zebrowscy Sp. J. Marcin Zimny, Commercial Director of Tommex explained, "Afrykarium presented us with a wide range of requirements including sound effects systems for the African regions, AV for the conference facilities and an audible alarm system throughout. We chose the most appropriate systems for each application, and for the restaurant that was Audica."


The restaurant system incorporates a MICROzone controller, MICROplus 4-channel power amplifier and eight MICROline loudspeakers. A WMR wall mount control panel provides staff with quick and simple system control.


Zimny explains, "The decision to choose Audica was made on the basis of the excellent sound quality of the loudspeakers for background music and the elegant shape of the MICROline columns."


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