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HWiT Provides Audica Professional Solution for AV Systems in Hangzhou


High Wing International Technology, the Audica Professional distributor for China, recently supported one of its installers to complete an AV project in Hangzhou. The installation is based at the Exhibition Hall of the Hangzhou Electrical Power Bureau in Zhejiang Province. The city of Hangzhou is famous for its beautiful scenery, including the West Lake, and has been a popular tourist attraction since ancient times. The Exhibition Hall is being used for the introduction of the development and planning of the Hangzhou electricity power supply.


The installation uses pairs of MICROline loudspeakers for exhibits and presentations, each pair driven by a MICROzone amplifier/controller. The large screen displays and projector presentations both use these systems and MICROlines also flank the impressive main exhibit model of the development (below).

High Wing International Technology: