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Audica Professional Installed for Warsaw University of Technology by Tommex


Audica Professional loudspeakers and amplifier/controllers have been installed in one of the Warsaw University of Technology’s most historic and prestigious rooms - primarily used for conferences and recognized as a flagship conference facility in Warsaw. The University of Technology is the oldest technology university in Poland, founded by the great visionary, Stanislaw Staszic, who invented the first technician syllabus.


The system was designed and installed by Tommex, Audica Professional’s exclusive distributor for Poland. In addition to requiring the highest possible sound quality, the loudspeakers had to merge technology with the elaborate historic architecture of the room and Tommex proposed Audica MICROline and MICROpoint for their slim unobtrusive shape and neutral colour. The University readily accepted this proposal aesthetically, but the system had to be proved with the most accurate acoustic modelling before even a mark could be made on the historic walls.


The system in the eight metre high Auditorium uses a distributed system, with ten MICROlines in pairs forming the basis of the system. MICROlines ability to be directed as required by their unique mounting bracket with no fixing or wires showing was an important feature in meeting both aesthetic and acoustic requirements. The MICROlines are controlled and driven by three MICROzone controller/amplifiers.


With the MICROlines providing even and consistent coverage, with good intelligibility and level throughout the room, Tommex added a pair of larger Dynacord D8 loudspeakers at the front to provide focus. Audica Professional MICROpoint loudspeakers provide additional fill and Klark Tecknik electronics were used for signal processing and room equalisation.


Although not a large installation, Tommex has cited this as one of the most demanding it has completed this year, with every detail of system performance and installation meeting the very highest standard possible.