Dancefloor Complements the Design of Café Placzek with Audica Professional Sound


Dancefloor, s.r.o. has completed the installation of an Audica Professional MICROseries system in Café Placzek in Brno. Situated in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic, Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and is the historic capital city of the Margraviate of Moravia.


Brno Café is located in a building that dates from the 1930s. Built by famous local architect Arthur Eisler, and renovated by the RAW studio, its striking style includes the attributes of 'First Republic', modern design, Viennese style and austere functionalism, and Dancefloor chose Audica MICROseries to provide an audio system that merged with the minimalist interior.


The side entrances to the café and the large glazed window are combined into the façade by steel sections lined with polished gold travertine, which is also abundantly used in the interior. With great attention to detail, the interior space is decorated in black, white and beige shades, against which the red Spanish lighting stands out strongly to form the most distinctive feature of the interior. The lighting's substantial size is lightened by the thinness of the coloured veneers from which they are formed.


On the ground floor, Dancefloor installed ten Audica MICROdot micro ceiling loudspeakers in white, to merge with the white ceiling and be almost invisible. Two Audica MICROsub active sub-bass loudspeakers are fitted under the seats in the corners, to also be invisible and not detract from the minimalist interior. Two MICROsubs are similarly installed on the upper floor, and here they are combined with four ultra-compact surface-mount Audica MICROpoint loudspeakers, again in white.


Using the Audica MICROzone controller/amplifier and MICROplus 4-channel power amplifier with a Cortex HDC-500 and Gemini CDMP-1400 CD/MP3/USB player, Dancefloor configured the system with six independent zones, four downstairs and two upstairs.


Libor Klemenc, Managing Director of Dancefloor, s.r.o., commented, "The size and layout of the system work perfectly within the cafés dimensions, so the sound really 'breathes' throughout the space. We are happy that we were able to install such a discreet sound system in this minimalist interior, and that we can say the Audica MICROseries system really does sound as good it looks!"


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